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We have built a very good case for using SWEPCO's highly friction modified oil, the 306 engine oil in all weights to provide more protection for the engines made for the pre-2007 low-emissions regulations. Since these changes in 2007 we have seen a huge increase in the demand for this product. Undoubtedly, as more problems develop there will be even more consumers become aware that they are not getting the protection they did before the API oil classification change. As stated previously, SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil will continue to have a full-bodied additive package combined with a superior base stock for our older vehicle customers.

*** Read MOTOR OIL WARNING below ***

SWEPCO 306 Engine Oil 1 Gallon
SWEPCO  306 Engine Oil 1 Gallon

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SWEPCO-306-G
Price: $43.59
Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
SWEPCO 306 Engine Oil

Swepco engine oil is sold by the gallon.
If you would like to buy a case of Swepco Oil you will need to buy 6 gallons which equals one case.
Choose weight of oil when ordering.

Also sold in quarts,See related items.

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******* MOTOR OIL WARNING *******.

The newest gasoline engine oil service classification is API:
One of the primary reasons why the EPA wanted to introduce this requirement was the concern that for engines which burned a little oil,the ZDDP (zincdialkylditiophosphate), was poisoning catalytic converters.
The major automotive manufacturers at first stated that there was no bona fide data to confirm this theory.
And even today, it is still debatable. The government calls for catalytic converters to have a minimum useful life of 120,000 miles.
Most catalytic converters have far surpassed that mileage in use without having an abnormal amount of failures due to the so-called poisoning.
ZDDP is the major anti-wear additive in engine oil.
It has been used for decades, it is relatively inexpensive, yet very effective.
With the lowering of ZDDP in some oils, almost nothing in some other oils due to additive drop-out conditions (primarily in semi-synthetic and some synthetic oils), a devastating effect has occurred.


The newest diesel engine oil service classification is API: CJ-4, sometimes just referred to as CJ. The major cause of change for this rating was to meet the 2007 Low-Emission Diesel Engines specifications. The concern once again was due to exhaust emissions. It had been determined that on engines using a DPF (diesel particulate filter), it would be plugged up by the heavy metals in the additive package of the engine oils which were graded up to CI-4 plus. The newer diesel emissions systems can reach temperatures as high as 1,600 F. Heavy metal additives destroy the system. Therefore any engine oil prior to CJ-4 which is not formulated for these engines should not be used. According to the new specs for CJ-4, the oil must contain lower levels of ZDDP, Calcium and Phosphorous, it must also not have a TBN any higher than 9. TBN is a measure of the oils alkaline reserve, which is used for fighting off the damaging effects of acid. Diesel oils which are formulated for Low-Emission Engines when used in pre-2007 engines has been reported as having premature bearing wear in as little as 10,000 miles. First showing up on the Ford Power Stroke series 6.0 & 7.3 liter, GMs Duramax, and Dodge / Cummins 5.9 liter engines. Commercial truck and heavy equipment application reports have not yet come in, but if the precursor is any indication, it doesn't look good. Furthermore, if any type of oil additive is used to help the friction modification of these oils, including molybdenum disulfide , they will also poison the system in diesel applications. Independent engine builders recognized the problem almost immediately and started recommending to the industries they serve to use a high-quality oil with zinc in it for anti-wear protection.
Most all of the majors, including those who produce private label engine oil for companies, such as for auto parts stores have changed their formulations to meet SM. You will see it on the shelves at the stores, and from the oil jobbers.


Hopefully, you will realize the gravity of this situation. If you are involved in the servicing of pre 2007 automobiles, trucks or other equipment, you should continue to use engine oil which is NOT rated SM/CJ-4. More than likely it can be the cause of premature wear in those pre-2007 engines. Actually, as far as engine wear is concerned, it could in fact also cause more wear in the 2007 engines as well, but you increase the possibility of catalytic converter problems when the engine gets to the point in which it starts using a little oil if you use a pre SM grade. Personally, I would think this to be minimal, and would rather replace a catalytic converter than an engine. Many engine builders when first realizing the problem with wear in low ZDDP oils started recommending the use of a good diesel oil in gasoline engines. This recommendation cannot be given any longer unless the diesel specification is CI-4 or previous, and has a full additive package. If the oil is rated SM/CJ, you do not have a full additive package for the older engines. Generally if you see an oil with a label stating For Low-Emission Engines, it will NOT have a full additive package which gives the full protection needed for older engines. You have now heard the bad news about engine oil, as the old saying goes A word to the wise is sufficient.


A completely unprecedented decision concerning new engine oil specifications by Southwestern Petroleum Corporation with their SWEPCO brand 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil has been made. Usually in the past when a specification rating went into effect, they have been right in there with the new specs and introduced any changes in formulation into the product when it was time to do so. However, in this case, when the specs went into effect last October, they had held back on re-formulating to meet them. I am very pleased to inform our valued customers and prospects that we will continue to provide swepco 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil with a full-bodied additive package, rated at SL/CI-4 Plus formula in the following weights: 10W30, 15W40 and 20W50. For engines requiring 5W30, it is rated SJ/CI-4. The TBN on this oil is 10.3 vs. the newer 9.0 max for diesel. The detergent, dispersant and anti-wear (zinc) levels are still higher than most other oils on the market rated SL/CI-4. SWEPCO is not going to introduce a SM/CJ product into the market until more testing has been completed and they are able to supply an oil which will surpass the needs of the specification without sacrificing the protection you have come to rely on with SWEPCO lubricants. In any case, it will not be a reformulated 306 oil. The 306 will remain an SL/CI-4 for pre-2007 engines. Update on new, lower additive, engine oil specifications The first casualties of low-to-no ZDDP took place in high-performance gasoline and methanol fueled engines. One case know of flattened three camshafts within a two-month period in a race car situation.
Excessive valve train wear has also been experienced with this oil.

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