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For Engine Oil, Our first recommendation will always be Swepco's 306 Engine oil.
However, There is another product SWEPCO manufactures.
Which can improve the friction fighting, as well as the cleanliness of other oils,
It is SWEPCO's 502 Engine Oil Improver.
502 will fortify your engine oils friction fighting additives with a healthy dose of Micronized Molybdenum and ZDDP (zinc).
SWEPCO 502 Engine oil treatment can save you money by reducing heat, friction, wear,
oil consumption, fuel consumption and costly repairs.
Enjoy these benefits with regular use of SWEPCO 502 Engine Oil Improver:
Makes Oil Oilier - increases the film strength & load carrying capacity of other engine oils.
Reduces Friction & Wear - Quickly plates critical engine surfaces for
outstanding anti-wear and extreme pressure characteristics.
Extra Protection in High Load Conditions - Improved film strength and plating
when engines are pushed to their limits.
Smoother, Quieter Operation - Better lubrication means a smoother, quieter running engine.
Reduces Operating Temperatures - Less friction and drag also means a cooler running engine.
And that means fewer high temperature corrosives and contaminants are created.
Helps eliminate Sticking Valve Lifters.
Valve lifter problems are usually the result of gum, varnish or carbon deposits.
502 contains highly effective solvents which dissolve gum, varnish and carbon deposits and
helps eliminate the problems they cause.

Swepco Engine Oil Improver
Swepco Engine Oil Improver

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 502
Price: $15.50
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Please Note: 'Swepco Engine Oil Improver' is currently backordered. Please be aware that there may be a delay in shipping.
Swepco Engine Oil Improver

Treatment rate:
One pint of 502 will treat 5 quarts of engine oil.
This product is sold by the pint.

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